Valmont is a renowned Swiss brand that offers high-performance anti-aging treatments. Their expertise also extends to hair, face and body solutions, with products designed to promote health and beauty. Valmont's premium ingredients, such as Swiss Glacier water, provide a younger and brighter complexion

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  1. - 21% Free Shipping Valmont 24 Hour. 50ml cream
    Rp3,001,350.54 Rp2,359,887.86
  2. - 21% Valmont Elixir des Glaciers. Eye Make Up Remover 60ml
    Rp1,763,978.07 Rp1,386,438.55
  3. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Energy. Detox Cream 45ml
    Rp3,327,665.22 Rp2,662,096.72
  4. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic. Serum 30ml
    Rp2,530,223.77 Rp2,024,179.01
  5. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont L‘Elixir des Glaciers Cure Majestic Nourishing Beauty Oil 12.5ml
    Rp6,214,690.41 Rp4,971,823.23
  6. - 22% Free Shipping Valmont L’Elixir Des Glaciers Précieux Serum Swiss Poly-Active Essence 30ml
    Rp7,994,266.36 Rp6,255,812.09
  7. - 25% Valmont Lip Repair. 15ml Cream
    Rp2,202,491.10 Rp1,657,806.16
  8. - 22% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing Serumulsion 30ml
    Rp2,655,893.02 Rp2,062,819.21
  9. - 25% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing With A Cream. 50ml cream
    Rp2,460,033.32 Rp1,855,438.34
  10. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing With A Mask 50ml
    Rp2,393,742.34 Rp1,914,993.87
  11. - 26% Free Shipping Valmont Prime B-Cellular. Serum 30ml
    Rp3,015,707.68 Rp2,229,078.39
  12. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera I 50ml
    Rp3,127,728.80 Rp2,502,218.49
  13. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera II 50ml
    Rp3,425,506.44 Rp2,740,440.60
  14. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Renewing Pack 50ml
    Rp2,857,424.68 Rp2,285,975.19
  15. - 20% Valmont Purifying Pack Mask 50ml
    Rp2,202,491.10 Rp1,762,028.33
  16. - 20% Valmont Regenerating Mask Treatment Single
    Rp1,665,250.60 Rp1,332,200.48
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