Cellulase is the no. 1 brand in the treatment against cellulite and the "orange peel" effect, proven to be effective and present visible results. Formulated with a blend of anti-cellulite actives that act from the inside out, Cellulase reduces “orange peel” skin effect and the appearance of cellulite in minor situations and also in more advanced cases, when the skin has sharp and constantly visible imperfections.

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  1. - 22% Cellulase Gold Pearls Special Price 40 tablets
    ₹2,855.08 ₹2,232.43
  2. - 2% Cellulase Gold Pearls 40 tablets
    ₹2,808.27 ₹2,754.84
  3. - 5% Cellulase Gold Advanced 40 tablets
    ₹6,202.53 ₹5,909.54
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