Beauty Blender is the world’s most famous make-up applicator sponge with an elliptical shape, which provides a perfect, even and professional finish. The Beauty Blender’s elliptical shape has been patented and allows for the perfect application of concealers, and liquid and compact foundation.  Beauty Blender is the choice of renowned makeup artists for its versatility, for being hypoallergenic, not containing silicone or latex and for adapting to all skin types. 

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 20% BeautyBlender Blender Defender
    KWD4.15 KWD3.32
  2. - 22% BeautyBlender Pro Black
    KWD6.14 KWD4.79
  3. - 20% BeautyBlender Pink
    KWD6.14 KWD4.91
Set Descending Direction

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