Easyslim is a weight loss program for a balanced diet associated with dietary supplements to ensure the nutritional needs and improve effectiveness. In addition to products such as drains, fat burners or anti-cellulite supplements, Easyslim also offers light products to associate with your diet.

Easyslim is the structured, safe and personalized solution for those who want to lose weight in a healthy, fast and effective way. 

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  1. - 12% Easyslim Soup Light. Tomato 3x33gr
    KWD2.71 KWD2.38
  2. - 5% Easyslim Pancakes. Sachets 3x28gr
    KWD3.37 KWD3.20
  3. - 14% EasySlim Duo Rapid. Ampolas 15x10ml
    KWD9.13 KWD7.89
  4. - 20% Easy Slim Lipo 3. Pills 60unit.
    KWD9.13 KWD7.33
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