Klorane Hair

Klorane's nature loving philosophy is best represented on their hair care lines. Inspired by the beauty of plant based ingredients, each line is based and formulated on a natural active ingredient. Discover the power of Aquatic Mint and it's anti pollution hair products or the softness and illuminating power of the chamomile shampoo and treatments. Find a natural solution for any hair care concern.
Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Klorane Bio Nourishing Mango Oil 100ml
    ₱863.15 ₱819.84
  2. - 5% Klorane Shine Magnolia Conditioner 200ml
    ₱692.96 ₱658.80
  3. - 5% Klorane Oat Milk Kit Shampoo + Balm
    ₱819.84 ₱778.36
  4. - 5% Klorane Bio Quinine Strengthening Serum 100ml
    ₱2,704.13 ₱2,568.71
  5. - 5% Klorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo Sachets x8
    ₱907.07 ₱861.32
Set Descending Direction

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