Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants help mask and prevent body odor. They can be used in various parts of the body, such as the feet, hands or armpits, and are available in various textures (cream, spray, roller). Here you will find a wide selection of brands such as Bioderma, Nuxe and Vichy.
Set Descending Direction
  1. - 10% Clarins Men Antiperspirant Stick 75g
    Rs4,575.60 Rs4,118.45
  2. - 10% Anne Moller Flashtec Deodorant 75ml
    Rs1,365.30 Rs1,227.95
  3. - 10% Anne Moller Roll-On Deodorant 75ml
    Rs1,510.85 Rs1,359.15
  4. - 30% Dove Original Stick Deodorant 40ml
    Rs457.15 Rs319.80
  5. - 10% Daffoil Lemongrass Essential Oil 50ml
    Rs3,913.45 Rs3,521.90
  6. - 10% Daffoil Lemongrass Essential Oil 100ml
    Rs4,542.80 Rs4,087.70
  7. - 10% Daffoil Citronella Essential Oil 100ml
    Rs4,700.65 Rs4,231.20
  8. - 25% Avène Body 24h Roll-On Deodorant Duo Pack
    Rs3,224.65 Rs2,419.00
Set Descending Direction

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