Ducray was created in 1930, in France, by a man named Albert Ducray. He intended to create his own range of shampoos, which were the first ones to provide a solution for dermatological issues in the scalp. With the help of Mr. Pierre Fabre, the brand grew and expanded to what we know nowadays. Today, Ducray is able to provide a wide range of solutions for dermatological conditions of the skin, hair, and scalp, and continues its research to provide effective care that is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Explore here the best products Ducray has to offer.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Ducray Extra Doux Duo Shampoo 2x400ml
    Rs2,960.20 Rs2,812.60
  2. - 5% Ducray Sensinol Soothing Cleansing Oil 400ml
    Rs4,179.95 Rs3,970.85
  3. - 5% Ducray Elution Rebalancing Shampoo 200ml
    Rs2,226.30 Rs2,115.60
  4. - 5% Ducray Keracnyl Repair Lip Balm 15ml
    Rs1,465.75 Rs1,391.95
  5. - 5% Ducray Keracnyl Repair Cream 50ml
    Rs2,626.05 Rs2,494.85
Set Descending Direction

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