Durex provides the best options in anatomical condoms to promote pleasure between partners and healthy but fun sex. From ribbed, colored, flavored and latex-free condoms to a wide range of lubricants, Durex has an extensive product catalog with the most diverse options! With 80 years of experience, all condoms use only the best quality raw materials.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 30% Durex Perfect Connection Condoms x10
    Rs2,585.05 Rs1,810.15
  2. - 35% Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated Condoms x12
    Rs2,927.40 Rs1,902.40
  3. - 10% Durex Perfect Connection Lubricant Gel 50ml
    Rs2,300.10 Rs2,070.50
  4. - 30% Durex Intima Protect Lubricant Gel 50ml
    Rs2,410.80 Rs1,687.15
  5. - 10% Durex Intima Protect Soothing Gel 50g
    Rs2,927.40 Rs2,634.25
  6. - 10% Durex Intima Protect Wipes x20
    Rs1,549.80 Rs1,394.00
  7. - 35% Durex Sensitivo XL Condoms x10
    Rs2,812.60 Rs1,828.60
  8. - 35% Durex Sensitivo Slim Fit Condoms x10
    Rs2,812.60 Rs1,828.60
  9. - 35% Durex Love Sex Prolonged Pleasure x12
    Rs2,812.60 Rs1,828.60
  10. - 30% Durex Love Sex Natural Comfort Condoms x3
    Rs547.35 Rs383.35
  11. - 30% Durex Music Edition Basic Mix Condoms x10
    Rs2,250.90 Rs1,576.45
  12. - 30% Durex Music Edition Fun Mix Condoms x10
    Rs2,250.90 Rs1,576.45
  13. - 30% Durex Music Edition Sensitive Mix Condoms x10
    Rs2,250.90 Rs1,576.45
  14. - 40% Durex Naturals Intimate Gel Moisture 100ml
    Rs3,753.55 Rs2,252.95
  15. - 30% Durex Sensilube K-Y Intimate Lubricant Gel 75ml
    Rs3,042.20 Rs2,129.95
Set Descending Direction

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