Elgydium belongs to Pierre Fabre laboratories and offers a complete portfolio of oral hygiene, care, and treatment products for the entire family. This brand has available different solutions for problems such as gums disease, halitosis, teeth whitening, tooth sensitivity, and cavities, and offers a wide range of daily care products to extend time between your dentist appointments.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 10% Elgydium Interactive Hard Toothbrush
    Rs992.20 Rs893.80
  2. - 30% Elgydium Whitening Soft Toothbrush
    Rs992.20 Rs694.95
  3. - 10% Elgydium Interactive Soft Toothbrush
    Rs992.20 Rs893.80
  4. - 30% Elgydium Baby Toothbrush
    Rs922.50 Rs645.75
  5. - 30% Elgydium Clinic Soft 20/100 Toothbrush
    Rs1,072.15 Rs750.30
  6. - 30% Elgydium Brilliance and Care Toothpaste 30ml
    Rs1,447.30 Rs1,012.70
  7. - 10% Elgydium X-Trem Medium Toothbrush
    Rs961.45 Rs865.10
  8. - 10% Elgydium Orthodontic Travel Kit
    Rs2,056.15 Rs1,851.15
  9. - 10% Elgydium Clinic Dental Prosthesis Toothbrush
    Rs1,150.05 Rs1,035.25
Set Descending Direction

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