Jowaé combines the power of lumiphenols (antioxidants) with extracts of traditional Korean and medicinal plants to provide a wide range of natural skin care. Thinking about the elaborate Korean rituals, Jowaé offers customized options, adapted to every skin desire or need. Rebalanced and protected, the skin preserves the youth and recovers all its natural luminosity and harmony.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Jowaé Purifying Astringent Lotion 200ml
    Rs2,028.48 Rs1,927.00
  2. - 5% Jowaé Anti-Blemish SOS Gel 10ml
    Rs1,514.95 Rs1,439.10
  3. - 35% Jowaé Fresh Hydration Gift Set Moisturization
    Rs2,371.85 Rs1,541.60
  4. - 16% Jowaé Clean and Natural Moisturizing Set
    Rs4,360.35 Rs3,655.15
  5. - 5% Jowaé Relaxing Moisturizing Shower Gel 400ml
    Rs1,687.15 Rs1,603.10
  6. - 10% Jowaé Micellar Foaming Cleanser 150ml
    Rs2,082.80 Rs1,867.55
  7. - 27% Jowaé Moisturizing Rich Cream 40ml
    Rs2,484.60 Rs1,822.45
  8. - 10% Jowaé Purifying Clay Mask 50ml
    Rs2,150.45 Rs1,937.25
Set Descending Direction

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