Jowaé Sacred Lotus

Jowaé Sacred Lotus uses all its purifying power to care for combination and oily skin. From cleansing gel to matifying fluid, it is the perfect choice to keep skin smooth, matt and flawless all day.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Jowaé Purifying Astringent Lotion 200ml
    Rs2,028.48 Rs1,927.00
  2. - 5% Jowaé Anti-Blemish SOS Gel 10ml
    Rs1,514.95 Rs1,439.10
  3. - 10% Jowaé Purifying Clay Mask 50ml
    Rs2,150.45 Rs1,937.25
  4. - 25% Jowaé Balancing Mattifying Fluid 40ml
    Rs2,152.50 Rs1,613.35
  5. - 36% Jowaé Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml
    Rs1,650.25 Rs1,051.65
Set Descending Direction

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