Rich in thermal water and with a wide range of dermatological products available, Uriage is the specialist skin care brand for the whole family.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Uriage Toléderm Control Soothing Care 40ml
    Rs3,552.65 Rs3,374.30
  2. - 5% Uriage Bariéderm-Cica Daily Gel-Cream 40ml
    Rs3,429.65 Rs3,257.45
  3. - 5% Uriage Bariéderm-Cica Daily Serum 30ml
    Rs5,325.90 Rs5,059.40
  4. - 5% Uriage Hyséac Purifying Oil 100ml
    Rs2,566.60 Rs2,439.50
  5. - 5% Uriage Hyséac New Skin Serum 40ml
    Rs3,431.70 Rs3,259.50
  6. - 5% Uriage Hyséac Purifying Toner 250ml
    Rs2,566.60 Rs2,439.50
  7. - 5% Uriage Hyséac Purifying Peel-Off Mask 50ml
    Rs2,396.45 Rs2,277.55
  8. - 5% Uriage Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml
    Rs2,093.05 Rs1,986.45
  9. - 20% Uriage Xémose Cleansing Soothing Oil 1000ml
    Rs4,104.10 Rs3,284.10
Set Descending Direction

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