Perfumes Importados

Chose your new eau de parfum or eau de toilette. Na Cosmetis you can find your favorite perfumes from cult brands like NuxeCarolina HerreraCaudalie and Burberry. You can also find the best sellers 212CK One and Nuxe Prodigieux

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  1. - 15% Uriage Baby 1st Scented Water 50ml
    ₺141.40 ₺120.40
  2. - 33% Klorane Baby Scented Water Coffret
    ₺186.58 ₺124.78
  3. - 20% Caudalie Eau Des Vignes. Fresh Water 50ml
    ₺236.89 ₺189.37
  4. - 25% Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water 100ml
    ₺286.81 ₺215.14
  5. - 25% Nuxe Body Relaxing Fragrant Water 100ml
    ₺261.06 ₺195.82
Set Descending Direction

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