Lierac labs seek to free women from the pressure of constantly looking young with aging care for each skin condition, following the evolution of age and their needs.

With its own concept, dubbed "Cult Products", we find the best care of each of the ranges: Voluptuous Cream (Premium); Hydrating Cream (Hydragenist) ; Fresh Ultra-Vitamin Serum (Mésolift); Stretch Mark Prevention Gel (Phytolastil); Protective Energizing Fluid (Sunissime) and Integral Anti-Aging Fluid (Premium Male). Try the pleasant and comforting textures now, safely and effectively!

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Lierac Cica Filler Gift Set Serum + Gel
    NT$1,565.42 NT$1,487.10
  2. - 5% Lierac Premium Sublimating Gold Mask 20ml
    NT$349.83 NT$332.21
  3. - 5% Lierac Mesolift Anti-Fatigue Cream 40ml
    NT$1,136.62 NT$1,079.84
  4. - 27% Lierac Premium Anti-Aging Capsules x30
    NT$1,034.80 NT$754.81
Set Descending Direction

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