Elancyl is a specialized brand in toning and firming the skin and providing an anti-cellulite action. With a wide range of safe and effective products, Elancyl provides specific solutions which will help to eliminate stubborn cellulite, persistent fat and an overall lack of firmness in the skin.     

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Elancyl Bust Firming Serum 50ml
    NT$710.43 NT$674.86
  2. - 32% Elancyl Slim Design 45+ Firming Cream 200ml
    NT$1,172.52 NT$791.69
  3. - 29% Elancyl Slim Design Night Cream 200ml
    NT$1,183.61 NT$845.86
  4. - 30% Elancyl Multifirm Body 200ml
    NT$830.52 NT$577.94
Set Descending Direction

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